Attention New Entrepreneurs: Have You Aligned Your Business for Success? Find Out the Know-How of What to Do to WOW Your Business Flow!


I’m sorry…this telesummit is over.

Confused about what to do to create alignment for the business success you’re dreaming of?

There’s a LOT of information out there for socially conscious, success-oriented new entrepreneurs.  Everywhere you look, there are coaching programs, home study courses, business challenges, and information resources galore.  They cover everything from skill sets to mindsets – with topics that range from niche-identification to list-building to JVs. The range of choices can be overwhelming – no wonder you’re feeling lost and confused and don’t know how to make the best configuration and positioning for your customers. The pressure to quickly get and put the right orientation and forward step into action so you can actually start making money and juice the joy into of your business.   That’s when you find yourself asking exactly how you’re supposed to plan and flow your business into success:

    • … cut through the multitude of options that just aren’t relevant for you to pinpoint the ones that really are
    •  … choose wisely from the sea of possible business-building strategies to find the most effective ones to direct your time and money toward
    •  … identify your ideal client niche so you can create marketing materials that really speak to them
    •  … put enough of yourself into your business to do truly significant work without exhausting yourself
    •  … avoid the most common mistakes that will derail your progress and keep your business stuck
    •  …use the Universal laws to align your energy and flow of your synchronicities and innovative efforts


You don’t need to figure this all out on your own!

One of the biggest myths to dismantle as a new entrepreneur is that you’re required to do everything by yourself.  The truth is that help is out there – often from people who’ve faced exactly the same challenges you’re dealing with now. That’s why the Align Your Business for Success (AYBFS) telesummit was created.  It brings together 22 successful entrepreneurial experts who’ve identified what truly works for them, and want to offer you their knowledge and experience around getting your business sequence and business process aligned with best dynamism or oomph – completely FREE.  These remarkable individuals are generously sharing their hard-won insights around:

      • Getting started when you’re not even sure who your niche is and may have many
      • Aligning yourself with the significant work that will serve the people you truly resonate with, while living the lifestyle of your dreams
      • Mastering the essential mindstates that will accelerate your business success
      • Navigating apparent disasters to uncover the breakthroughs beyond the initial breakdown
      • Collaborating with other business owners to create the maximum possible momentum for each of you through strategic alliances
      • Creating success through strategic business plans, networking, and knowledge building and distribution
      •  Infuse vitality with fun, energy, great service and being in the best niche for you to serve your people and profit
      • Get your orientation, your voice and your videos or copy right for your business sales.



Day One – Story Secrets: Unlock the Power of Your Own Stories to Build Trust and Boost Sales! – Sandra Younger

Day Two – Speaking as Your Success Activity, Even if You are Not a Speaker Yet – Lianne Ebbinkhuijsen

Day Three – Expressing Your Authentic Self Through Business – Marina Ormes

Day Four – How to Grow Your Coaching Business and Step into Your Full Power by Finding The Right Tribe – Ryan Harris

Day Five – Wishful Thanking for Entrepreneurs – Alexandria Barker

Day Six – Direct Sales: A Different Kind of Business – Jennifer Erdman

Day Seven – From Best-Kept Secret to Niche Supernova – Kerrianne Cartmer-Edwards 

Day Eight – Odd Woman Out- Follows Beat of Her Own Drum- And How you Can Too! – Laurie Szott-Rogers 

Day Nine – Savvy Strategic Alliances – Choosing the Right Partners to Grow a Prosperous, Joyous Business – Tara Butler Floch 

Day Ten – Vibrant Businesses, Vibrant Lives [Stress from New Perspective — Stressing Out to Exciting Vibrancy in Business] – Dr. Annika Sorensen

Day Eleven – Networking Riches. Secrets of a Super Connector! –  Casey Eberhart

Day Twelve – Leveraging The Creative Gap™ to Fire Up Your Business – Annie Kirschenmann

Day Thirteen – Sweet and Savory Essentials that Align Your Business: 3 Categories with 20 Tips to Tip Your Tipping Point – Gary Gosch 

Day Fourteen – The 3 Keys to Building a Soulful Business in a Body You Love – Priscilla Stephan

Day Fifteen – The Big Why – Esterine Dahlstrom

Day Sixteen – Stop the Insanity: 5 Sure-Fire Strategies to End Overwhelm and Confusion So that You Can Multiply Your Income and Create a Life You Love! –  Sherley Grace

Day Seventeen – Keys to Connecting: Simple Ways to Supercharge Your Business Relationships – Dolphin Kasper and Susan Kasper 

Day Eighteen – “7 Accelerators to Raise Your Profits and Double Your Income” – Heather Cameron

Day Nineteen – Quest to Success- Pushing Forward When Details Become Your Downfall – Isabel Hundt

Day Twenty – What’s Your Money Mojo & Sacred Money Archetype? – Charlene Fisher

Day Twenty-One – Big Success On Your Own Terms – Belinda Pruyne

Day Twenty-Two - How to Stand Out When the Sea of Competition is Rough – Ronnie Tsunami

Day Twenty-Three – The Essential Psychological Components of Establishing Successful Businesses – Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers (Laurie Szott-Rogers interviews Jo Ann) 

Day Twenty-Four – Recap Highlights of the Telesummit – Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers and Laurie Szott-Rogers